Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 9.37.21 AMIn today’s world, it is very common to find organizations who have talent communities. Just like any community, a talent community provides an environment of like-individuals to learn and share about specific topics. By joining a talent community, you can expect to learn more about the organization and what it’s like to work there.

Like many, you might think to yourself “Why should I join a talent community, can’t I just apply to a job?” You certainly can just apply, but where does that get you? A submitted application with little to no follow up from the employer. A talent community connects you with the organization allowing a relationship to develop.

Here a just a few reasons you should take those 30 seconds to register or introduce yourself to a talent community that is hosted by an organization you are interested in:

  • Stay connected to companies you like.  Talent communities are not just for job seekers. They allow you to stay in-the-know and help to keep you connected to your favorite brands. Participation in discussions, contests, and events keep it light and fun. And you never know, you might even be privy to exclusive rewards that are only offered to the talent community members.
  • See what else is out there. Whether you are an active or passive job seeker, the key benefit of joining a talent community is the opportunity to learn and explore. You can learn about the company and explore their culture, while even learning a little something about yourself. Perhaps you feel happy in your current role and don’t feel the need to be job searching; that’s ok! But you never know what the future holds, and the day might come that you feel you want to make a move. By establishing yourself a community member, you’ve given yourself the upperhand to have already educated yourself about the company and you’ve put yourself on that company’s radar.
  • Curious about what it’s like to work at another company. Once you join a talent community, organizations provide insights to what is happening inside the company.  It gives you—the outsider—a  better understanding of what it could be like as an employee at the organization. You get a better understanding of not only the types of roles, but, also the culture of the organization. The more innovative companies provide a discussion-based community forum, like Talent Dojo, where you get to contribute and be recognized for your expertise while learning the inside story.  Either way, you get to know the employer better to help you determine if it’s your employer of choice.
  • Dream job could be just a click or call away. Members of talent communities are typically given privileged information, that at times, could also include jobs.  Imagine never having to search a career site, but having a recruiter contact you about an opportunity that fits your skills, motivation, and expertise.  You may even receive newsletters spotlighting the company’s hot jobs that fit your experience.  Click or call, the recruiters are coming to you!
  • Embed yourself in the organization’s sourcing strategies. Talent communities have become the number one sourcing tool for companies when they are searching for new candidates/employees. Talent Communities were developed in order for organizations to keep connected to their talent audience.  Companies have always wanted to keep a pipeline of top talent, however, the lack of technologies and other resources in the past didn’t allow an organization to keep in touch with their talent of choice; therefore, the talent often got lost in the black hole of an application process.  Many talent communities are CRM-based, making it easy and efficient for recruiting organizations to keep in touch.
  • Efficiency in the searching for candidates is a must for any organization. Companies are no longer able to cast a wide net in hopes to attract the perfect candidate – for example, many jobs are not posted on Monster, Career Builder, and the like anymore. It’s expensive and inefficient.  Companies are focused more on quality, not quantity.  A talent community allows an organization to see who is interested in them and understand their expertise.  It is no longer about a job fit but, a talent fit.
  • Contribute quicker. Typically, you start learning about the organization’s culture and ways of working until you interview.  As a member of a talent community, you begin to learn before you’ve even applied.  This decreases the on-boarding time and allows you to begin contributing to the organization sooner!

By joining a talent community, you’re allowing yourself to learn more about an organization.  You’re also letting the company know you may be interested in them as an employer.  It’s a great way to begin building a relationship well before you’ve even joined the organization. Talent communities give you the opportunity to learn beyond what you would find from a website.  This knowledge will allow you to make well-informed decisions about your next career move.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and join your favorite brand’s talent community now!  Start by introducing yourself to Qwalify!