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With Qwalify’s Intelligent Talent Community, our clients are able to continuously engage and profile thousands of talent prospects automagically, creating dramatic savings & efficiencies – while also delivering a world-class candidate experience.

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At Qwalify, we believe

that a talent community is more than just a place of noise and chatter. A world-class, intelligent Talent Community
should be engaging and value-added for all parties involved. It should encourage a relationship, help both sides
learn about each other, and provide them with a progression that leads to success.

Scalable talent engagement technology at your team’s fingertips.

Enjoy the benefits of one-on-one conversations with your talent without the inneficiency, cost and labor required. This is the true power of Qwalify’s Intelligent Talent Community.

Scalable talent engagement technology at your team's fingertips.
Designed to work for you. Not for you to do work.

The Qwalify Talent Community software is designed around minimal intervention, fast value creation and rapid processing principles for flexibility and scale.

Private, controlled and secure.

Private, military-grade secure, fully-branded online environments avoid publicly exposed support issues and unwanted competitor access concerns that plague traditional social media.

Enterprise-grade without the enterprise timelines.

While automating a custom, full cycle relationship management experience sounds like a configuration nightmare, a community can be up and running in a matter of days.

Case Studies

Our Intelligent Talent Communities have provided value to our customers far beyond the scope of their initial projects. Some examples include:

Case Studies

The Home Depot Canada

Qwalify launched a talent community at The Home Depot Canada in under 60 days to tackle increasing turnover, improve the employer brand and fill highly specialized talent.

The results? Automatic profiling of 5,500 members, using almost three full novels worth of contributions, boosted hiring event attendance by 300%. Hyper-effective opportunity recommendation matching resulted in a hire every business day. All delivered with a candidate experience that had 80% of members ready and willing to invite friends.

Roots Clothing Company

Roots commissioned Qwalify to launch a one-week event to proactively create a pool of aligned and engaged talent eager to work with Roots.

Our results for a single, 7-day campaign were incredible. The Talent Community campaign:
✓ Increased prospect acquisition rate to over 400 candidates per year.
✓ Increased employee referrals to over 61%.
✓ Increased candidate introductions by 21%, or 4x the industry average.

Case Studies

Case Studies


Novocure, a pioneer in cancer treatments through the use alternating electric fields, opted to create a talent community to promote internal dialog between divisions, facilitate corporate communications and help hire for very difficult roles such as Thought Leaders, Medical Liaisons and Device Specialists.

Within the first few weeks, hundreds of contributions – on average 12x longer than a typical social media contribution – drove spectacular high-level member engagement and conversation. In fact, over 50% of all contributions to the community where considered to be highly valuable, creating by far the most vibrant, dynamic and encouraging source of online engagement Novocure had ever seen.


Committed as the title sponsor of a local Immigrant Talent Engagement Program, Scotiabank needed help exploring ways to further engage with the community and support new immigrants to the region, a concept that remained traditionally elusive across the industry.

Success came quickly once Scotiabank adopted a talent community approach from Qwalify. World-class engagement levels translated into 63% of members considered for roles by the bank, with a quarter of them shortlisted and 8% of the pool hired. The program paid for itself as 12% of talent prospects became new Scotiabank clients – a testament to the fact that treating people better really does translate to better business results.

Case Studies

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What “intelligent” means for you

Let the contributions speak for themselves.

Visually enticing, intriguing discussions, powered by intrinsically-driven motivation schemes, encourage industry-leading levels of contribution.

Incredibly insightful & automated profiling.

Continuously, automatically profile members across dozens of personality traits, working styles and functional areas based on how they engage.

Understand the power of your employer brand.

Track brand metrics like engagement and advocacy to quantify your employer brand or identify your strongest ambassadors.

Catered experiences create more value, faster.

Ad hoc, progressive or structured, custom flows deliver high-converting, individually relevant experiences.

Better data, better matches to roles.

Proprietary fit scoring algorithms highlight members match to role specifications that go well beyond the traditional resumé.

Encourage action at the opportune time.

Automatically promote actions, such as job application or event invitations, to the right members at the right time.

Talent Community use cases

Over the years, we have developed our Intelligent Talent Community software to provide high value in a variety of business scenarios. Some examples include:

✓ Hiring event engagement

Create a high-quality engagement touch-point with candidates

✓ Re-engaging past applicants

Reconsider past applicants with a scalable re-engagement campaign

✓ Diversity & CSR

Support of diversity and other corporate social responsibility programs

✓ Relationship nurturing

Maintain existing relationships with silver medalists and seasonal talent

✓ Optimization

Pre-application recruiting funnel optimization

✓ Centralization

Common hiring point for multi-tenant applications

✓ Alumni re-engagement

Maintain corporate alumni network engaged and readily accessible

✓ Soft skill analysis

Soft skill candidacy for students and those without experience

✓ Personality profiles

Automatically create personality profiles before application

✓ Challenges & contests

Customer ambassador challenges and contests

✓ Multi-business hiring

Linked cross-portfolio hiring for venture firms

✓ Focus groups

Dedicated focus group and beta testing for new products or features

✓ Veteran skill discovery

Veteran skill translation discovery

✓ Corporate communications

Employee engagement and corporate communications

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