Discover great talent through discussion-based engagement

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Introducing the better talent community

Qwalify delivers an innovative engagement platform where prospects are magically profiled as they participate in strategically crafted discussions. This conversation-driven approach uncovers insights such as product knowledge, brand affinity, personality traits, working styles and more.

Streamline your recruitment process

Your recruiting team gets highly profiled, persona-fitted candidates in their inbox or ATS. It’s that simple.

Introducing the better talent community

How we do it

Within the walls of this private, branded experience, talent engages with value-producing discussions in an intrinsically motivated way. Powerful underlying technologies analyze everything, and generate insightful details about things you’d never find in a lifeless resumé.

We build a bespoke community

We build a bespoke community

In your company image and with the right tone and personality, Qwalify communities are truly customized for your talent audience.

Prospects join discussions

Prospects join discussions

Prospects are invited to participate in interesting discussions giving us insights into role, expertise and culture fit.

Qwalify automatically profiles

Qwalify automatically profiles

As people participate, we automatically compute engagement and persona matching scores leaving us with highly profiled and matched candidates ready for interview.

Offer your talent prospects a great experience.

What you get

Gain dramatic efficiencies

Benefit from automation to engage, recognize value, profile, role match, and shortlist without lifting a finger.

Uncover talent insights

Our proprietary technologies highlight traits you’d expect from an interview as opposed to a resumé.

Maximize your investment

We offer powerful analytics to help optimize an already higher-converting candidate experience.

Drive a positive employer brand

Offer a compelling and fun candidate experience for the best potential talent – your brand advocating customers.

Create relationships with talent

Qwalify’s conversational approach goes far beyond the painful blackhole of resumé submission.

Showcase your company culture

Qwalify’s talent communities offer unique recognition techniques to reflect the values and personalities within your organization.

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