Techtoberfest 2013: That’s a wrap!


As we’ve been hooting on and on about in these past few posts, Techtoberfest 2013 occurred on October 17th and 18th and it ROCKED OUR COLLECTIVE WORLDS!

For those of you not in the know, Techtoberfest is an annual startup festival that brings the community of Waterloo and surrounding region together to celebrate entrepreneurship, network,listen to talks from the best of the best of our startup brethren and, well, to drink and celebrate in a unique Octoberfest style (Our Lead UX Developer Francis noted that there were ladies gussied up in lederhosen dancing to Gangnam Style at the event so we’d say that’s pretty unique).

Although after a Google Search, this seems to be a thing actually….


But I digress. Back to the speakers of which the quality was supreme. With the following heavy hitters delivering the goods, we were entertained and educated (aka ‘edutained’) and left with much to consider for our product, our company, our internal processes and our own private lives.

Keynotes at Techtoberfest 2013 included the following mentors, entrepreneurs and experts:

To review the liveblog for each keynote session, do check out this link where you can find coverage from the kind folks at Communitech as well as community generated content such as livetweets and photos.

Communitech posted a recap of the event as well as the first of several photo albums to their Facebook page. They have also mentioned that videos of the talks will be posted over the next few days so do stay tuned for this content as it is stellar and not to be missed.

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