TalentQuest Establishes Strategic Partnership with Qwalify, Inc.

TalentQuest, a leader in the talent and performance management industry for over 35 years, will now be Qwalify’s exclusive provider of professional personality assessments. This validated assessment, known to Qwalify as the “Character Profile,” will be one of the tools employers can confidently use to evaluate job applicants.¬†Rather than let the focus be on the resume during the hiring process, TalentQuest’s solution for Qwalify will help employers cost-effectively and objectively hire candidates based on attitude and fit.

This partnership will also be the first time TalentQuest reports are offered to both job seekers and hiring organizations. Whether they are students who are still in university or employees looking for a career change, Qwalify is now able to bring elite, actionable tools to job seekers as they approach the next stages of their professional careers.

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  1. TalentQuest, a human capital management and software solutions firm, today announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Qwalify, Inc., a new hiring platform that will offer online tools to streamline the sourcing, filtering and interviewing of Generation Y job seekers.

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