Talent Dojo is an engagement-based recruitment platform which helps you communicate with your current and future talent relationships.

It’s about aligned relationships.

Prospects leverage your existing recruitment marketing channels to introduce themselves into your community, motivated by their desire to shine among their peers. They will get the chance to learn about the company and get involved in the inside track of the brand they love, demonstrating their knowledge of the product, their experience as customers and their understanding of your corporate culture — every step of the way.

Curious about transparent, value-driven conversation? We’ll show you how and why it matters.

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True engagement, less effort.

Email blasts and click-through conversions are meaningless embarrassments to your employer brand. The Talent Dojo’s unique question-and-answer community is designed around motivation, recognition and contribution value, providing an optimal experience that is pleasantly rewarding for your potential candidates and pleasantly manageable for your team.

Talent Dojo is the most effective way to generate a positive employer brand.

Let the magic begin.

From automated segment cross-pollination to personality-driven role matching, Talent Dojo crunches heaps of data behind the scenes to identify brand advocacy and generate rich profile insights.

Ask about how one retailer learned they could fulfill their hiring needs 44% faster.

Shortlist by culture, brand and role fit.

Narrow down your candidate universe using multi-faceted searching and collaboratively-managed shortlists. Results are always sorted by your prospects’ engagement with the company and their affinity for the brand, reducing interviews to determine fit to your corporate culture.

Proactively recruiting brand advocates can save you up to 75% of hiring time and cost.

Track and analyze.

Draw advanced correlations between recruiting campaigns and brand advocacy, track engagement strength across segments, and measure shortlisting efficiency relative to your talent pool. Everything’s possible with the industry-pioneering Talent Dojo profile- and pool-level analytics.

“Qwalify was created to be the leader in evolving the HR Tech industry to attract and engage the next generation of top talent, and they have truly nailed it with Talent Dojo.”

– Elaine Eisenman, Advisor, board member at DSW, Advisory Board at American Airlines.

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Whether you want to re-engage a stale candidate database, looking to get the most out of recruiting events or just hoping to bolster your employer brand, Talent Dojo is the answer to many of your recruiting needs.

Set up your private, fully branded Dojo in just minutes; the secure, hosted, mobile-friendly application integrates with your applicant tracking systems, too. Take the risk to your budget out of the equation with scale-friendly performance-based pricing options.

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Reclaim your current and future talent relationships by starting the conversation with Qwalify.

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