Your customer base is a veritable gold mine when it comes to seeking new candidates. Last week, we explored methods to help provide your applicants and candidates the same level of service excellence that you offer your customers; providing a consistent and interactive experience is key to transitioning your customers into candidates and not jeopardizing brand advocacy as a consumer. This week we’ll look at ways to tap into your customer base to find those high potential candidates.

Customers are already familiar with your products and services, likely have valued knowledge of your industry, and are supporters of your company brand. You can’t hire them all, and certainly don’t need to, but if you tapped into even 5% of your customer database, the quality of candidates you could source would be infinitely better than what you would find from just cross-posting openings on multiple job sites.

Three Ways to Tap Into Your Customer Database

Use point of sale data to identify potential prospects

Customer transaction data can provide useful information. In the case of home centre retailer, they can identify which areas of building, construction and renovation a customer might have expertise in, whether they are a home handyman or a contractor, and even which product lines they might have knowledge about. When compared to current hiring needs, customers who measure up can be identified and placed into a recruitment marketing outreach program.

Flag loyal and regular customers

The stand out thing about loyal and regular customers is that they like your business. People will return to a place of business over and over again when they have a good experience; whether they are treated well, can easily find the products they are looking for, or feel your products are good value, they enjoying doing business with you. That demonstrated loyalty is a quality that many businesses hope to find in their employees, so if you know your customers already possess it, why not try to convert that brand loyalty into employer loyalty? By flagging these customers, you can invite them to consider your organization as an employer while sharing with them the perks they would receive as an employee.

Train staff to engage with customers

Nothing is quite as flattering as a personal invitation. Your current staff are the perfect people to provide such an invitation. Through everyday interactions with customers, your staff members can pick out the customers who could be a good fit for your team. They can easily learn which customers have product and industry knowledge, have a friendly and helpful personality, and even who might be open to a new opportunity. Help your staff understand the value of connecting with customers and inviting them to join your talent community, while praising them for their efforts and contributions to helping your business build a great team.

You’ve already mastered sourcing from your traditional HR/Recruiting tools, yet, you’re missing the one audience that are already brand advocates. Expand that relationship and allow them to see you not only as a place to purchase products and services they love, but one where they can see themselves having a successful career.