We’re so excited for Robert Richman’s keynote : Techtoberfest 2013


We are really, really looking forward to the keynote at Techtoberfest 2013 by renowned Culture Strategist, Robert Richman.

Robert is the ‘culture architect’ who helped build and launch Zappos Insights, a department within Zappos that helps educate and train organizations on how to be successful, productive and profitable through the development of a robust corporate culture. Prior to joining Zappos, Robert was a digital marketing strategist who worked with brands such as Billboard, Sony and leading authors such as Tony Robbins.

Robert is co-founder of the Affinity Lab in Washington, DC which defines itself as “shared office space meets incubator meets entrepreneurial club-house.” This demonstrates that his philosophies on company culture scale to organizations both large and small.

With his upcoming book titled ‘Culture Blueprint’, Robert is promising to offer readers an opportunity to discover more about the power of defining and developing culture in organizations straight from the person who can speak best to the how to.

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